Tuesday, December 18, 2007


New Hampshire author displays his own computer art in his second novel.

Joshua Patrick Dudley, author of Lost in Oz, eagerly awaits the release of his second novel. The first installment of the saga, follows a group of four teenagers on a stumbled upon journey down the yellow brick road. The group's presence in Oz has altered the story and when the story begins to change around them, they must deal with the consequences. Lost in Oz has been receiving great reviews. Chris Dulabone from the Baum Bugle, the official Wizard of Oz fan club magazine, said, "The very concept of Lost in Oz is nothing short of brilliant. It is something I haven't seen done before anywhere."

The sequel sounds just as exciting as the first. A new power has risen in the land of Oz, known only as the "Dark Wizard." The Dark Wizard intends to steal Glinda's Great Book of Records, which keeps track of everything that has ever happened in Oz, as well as each event as it currently happens. He plans to use it to set all the most evil plots of destruction into motion at once. Joshua, Tamara, Tommy and Laura are also searching for the Great Book of Records, to erase the fact that they had ever been in Oz. The only problem is: Joshua is stuck in Mifkets Asylum, so when his prophecy comes calling in Oz, who will pay the price? Lost in Oz: Rise of the Dark Wizard will be released on March 13, 2008.

Mr. Dudley is also pleased to announce the the sequel will feature a piece of his own artwork for every chapter in the book. "I love writing, but graphic art has always been my secret hobby, " he says adding the the deluxe edition of the first book also featured two of his pieces.

For more information on Lost in Oz and the exciting sequel, please visit www.LostInOzBook.com

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