Saturday, August 16, 2008


Work on the mini-series version of Lost in Oz is in full swing.

Lost in Oz relates the adventures of protagonists Joshua and Tamara along with their friends, Tommy and Laura, as they travel down the yellow brick road in this all new mini-series event.

Along the way, they will come to terms with aspects of this amazing fantasy world and how it affects them personally; be it a realization about their inherent natures or a rationalization of the dark deeds that they need to commit in order to get home.

Long-time fans of Oz and other viewers alike will be surprised when they meet Dorothy Gale and her friends for the first time. As the characters retrace Dorothy's famous path, things begin to change, and the original story is completely altered by their interaction with it. A new prophecy for Oz and its people is revealed in this exciting new adventure.

Created by author Joshua Patrick Dudley and one of Bulgaria's best Sims Video Artists, this computer animated mini-series is sure to be full of surprises. One fifteen-minute episode will be released a week over a two month period, and will be viewable on both this site and The series will debut around Christmas 2008.