Monday, September 15, 2008

70th Anniversary Wizard of Oz Film

Great news! Later this week, Joshua will be recording a segment for the 70th anniversary of the Wizard of Oz Film. The film will come out in 2009 and will celebrate the past 70 years of the musical masterpiece, The Wizard of Oz.

Here's what Joshua will be doing in his clip:

1. Talking about the beginning of his book Lost in Oz.
2. How he got interested in Oz.
3. What inspired him to write about Oz.
4. The sales of his books.
5. Background on the second Lost in Oz book.
6. Some of the most cherished items in his oz collection. Joshua will show off some of the items in his collection.
7. Finally, his thoughts on being in the 70th anniversary of the Wizard of Oz film?

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