Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Joshua will soon be interviewed on the online radio show Returning To Oz.

It is the only radio show/podcast on the internet devoted to Oz.

Click here to view the Returning To Oz website.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Book Makeover

The book has been redone! 3 new chapters have been added, along with an exciting new story line.

The book also now features:
a bibliography,
a short biography of L. Frank Baum
an entirely new format
and new cover art!!

The format is the classic format used for all of the original Oz books.

Check out the book page for the new cover gallery!


Sunday, March 18, 2007

Oz News, But Not Ours...

McDonalds will feature Wizard of Oz Madame Alexander dolls in their Happy Meals starting March 23rd.

The official site has been posted: http://www.happymeal.com/tmnt-oz/

Updated Press Release


Joshua Patrick Dudley aims to give a fresh look to the stories of Oz in his new book and soon-to-be-released comic series, Lost In Oz.

Nashua, NH—March 20, 2007— Joshua Patrick Dudley, a 21-year-old New Hampshire resident, has released his first book, Lost in Oz. When four friends find themselves lost in a mysterious place, their only goal is to find a way home. When the only way home is through a young girl and her magical shoes, how much are they willing to sacrifice to catch her?

Follow Joshua, Tamara, Tommy and Laura down the yellow brick road in this all new action packed adventure. Be amazed when they meet Dorothy Gale and her gang of misfits for the first time, be in awe as they do battle with the Witch of the West, cross your fingers and hope they make it home alive. A new prophecy for Oz and its inhabitants will be revealed in this exciting new novel. Oz will never be the same.

Mr. Dudley wrote Lost In Oz to share a famous story he has always loved, by giving it his own fresh twist. Though the book may be a bit scary for children, Joshua says the story was written for everyone to enjoy and he hopes they do!

The most recent development in the Lost In Oz saga is the graphic novel interpretation. The comic is created using photos instead of illustrations and offers readers a more “in depth” version of the original story, with deeper plots and more twists.

Chapter One of the graphic novel has a tentative release date of July 1, 2007.

The book is exclusively available online at www.LostInOzBook.com.
Paperbacks are $9.99 and hard-covers are $19.99.

Joshua Patrick Dudley, 21, was born and raised in Hooksett, New Hampshire. Son of Laurel Levesque and Michael Dudley and brother to Tamara, Meghan and Caitlin Dudley, Joshua has always been exposed to the arts.

His fascination and love for the stories of Oz started when he was just two years old; he and his mother shared his first viewing of the MGM classic, “The Wizard of Oz.” From that point on Joshua was obsessed with the magical land and its inhabitants.

MEDIA CONTACT: Joshua Patrick Dudley, lostinozbook@yahoo.com

Friday, March 16, 2007

Monday, March 05, 2007

Desktop Wallpapers

Be sure to check out the downloads page on the newly opened Comic site for Lost In Oz. You'll find some wonderful and colorful new desktop images! Enjoy!

Curiozity Corner Article

Sharon Ray wrote a wonderfully simple article on her blog, Curiozity Corner, about Lost In Oz.

It read:

Joshua P. Dudley's debut effort Lost in Oz will receive the graphic novel treatment starting late spring. Info on the novel can be found at http://www.lostinozbook.com/
Look for a review in a forthcoming issue of The Baum Bugle. Check out these links for additional info.



NewHampshire.com Article

NewHampshire.com wrote a nice little article about the release of Lost In Oz the book and the graphic novel.

Check it out
by clicking here!

Friday, March 02, 2007

Dorothy Gale

Introducing 11-year-old Meghan Michelle Dudley as Dorothy Gale in the upcoming comic/graphic novel.