Thursday, June 14, 2007

Espisode 24 of Returning To Oz Review

Mr. Jared Davis of the Royal Blog of Oz had this to say about the latest addition to the online radio series:

Well, episode 24 is up, and here's the review!

Well, if the last couple of episodes didn't impress you, this one should. Will. Unless your heart is made of stone.

Anyways, the show is really in two parts: there is a discussion with Aaron Pacentine, Aaron Schultz, newcomer Sean McGuire (how many Oz fans are out there named Sean?), and the returning Joshua Dudley, author of the book Lost In Oz, which I look forward to reading soon; and then we transition over to a very special interview with a singer named Rolla.

Very early in the first part, Aaron (Pacentine) asks how Sean, Aaron Schultz, and Joshua feel about the transition in the Oz books from the early Baum books to the new ones, like Joshua's Lost in Oz. A very interesting question, but from the answers given, I'm not sure everyone completely understood it. However, Joshua, at least, was able to answer the question very well, and also lets the public know a bit about the story of his book.

Aaron Schultz also talks about the characters that had, at different stages in pre-production, been considered for inclusion in Disney's Return to Oz. Also mentioned is some of the Oz characters in the famous Coronation scene, one of my personal favorite scenes in the film.

Also, there is a discussion about Oz conventions. Some of the "Returning To Oz crew" will be at some of them, others will not. So, those of you who have the time and resources to attend one may want to keep your eyes open!

Now, we interview Rolla, who tells us about her entrance into the world of music, and also her opinions on MGM's The Wizard Of Oz, and also treats us all to a wonderful a cappella rendition of Over The Rainbow.

Overall, a great episode!

Royal Blog of Oz Reviews Lost in Oz

Here's what Jared Davis of the Royal Blog of Oz had to say about Lost in Oz.

LOST IN OZ by Joshua Dudley
Lost in Oz is not your ordinary Oz book. But then, it's not about your ordinary Oz. (Whatever that is.)

Before I finally got the opportunity to read it, I'd heard mixed opinions. Some loved it, some hated it.

I found Lost in Oz to be a very enjoyable book. This book is not meant for those who prefer to have Oz just exactly as L. Frank Baum originally envisioned it. This Oz definitely takes twists and turns that he would have never intended. If you enjoy science fiction, then you will find Lost in Oz a delight.

The book tells of four modern-day teenagers who have found themselves suddenly transported into the Land of Oz... except if you're familiar with the original books, it will seem quite unlike what you expected. Instead of being simply transported to Oz, the four find themselves actually in the story of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, back in 1899.

The four teens, Joshua (yes, his last name is Dudley), his sister Tamara and their friends Tommy and Laura have to find some way to get home, but when they accidentally alter the events of the story, will it play out all right in the end? And can they survive dangers like a mermaid king who finds human flesh a delicacy and poppy pixies, as well as the more familiar terrors of the Wicked Witch of the West, the Winged Monkeys, Kalidahs, and... Dorothy?

In the story, Joshua has not read any of the Oz books and only knows Oz from the MGM movie. This is mentioned several times, and could get those unfamiliar with the original books interested in picking them up.

And the ending will surprise you. Can you ever really go home again?

Fans of the original books may find this story a little hard to take. If you're an Oz "purist," you will probably not like this book. If you only know Oz from the classic MGM film, you may like it if you can swallow science fiction. If you're a fan of Oz alterations, like Wicked, Illusive Arts' Dorothy, and Was, you will find this a delight.

All in all, I found it a wonderful book, and I truly could not put it down until I finished it. If you can take Oz a little mixed up, here's the book for you!

To view the site, click on this link:

The Royal Blog of Oz: LOST IN OZ by Joshua Dudley

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Lancaster Oz Festival Press Release

Joshua Patrick Dudley will celebrate the release of his novel, Lost In Oz, at the Lancaster, New York Wizard of Oz Festival on July 14th and 15th 2007.

July 14, 2007— Joshua Patrick Dudley, a 21-year-old New Hampshire resident, has released his first book, Lost in Oz. When four friends find themselves lost in a mysterious place, their only goal is to find a way home. When the only way home is through a young girl and her magical shoes, how much are they willing to sacrifice to catch her?

Told in first person, present tense, Lost in Oz relates the adventures of protagonists Joshua and Tamara along with their friends, Tommy and Laura, as they travel down the yellow brick road in this all new action packed adventure. Along the way, they will come to terms with aspects of this amazing fantasy world and how it affects them personally; be it a realization about their inherent natures or a rationalization of the dark deeds that they need to commit in order to get home. Readers will be surprised when they meet Dorothy Gale and her friends for the first time. As the characters retrace Dorothy’s famous path, things begin to change, and the original story is completely altered by their interaction with it. A new prophecy for Oz and its people will be revealed in this exciting new novel. Oz will never be the same.

The book is available online at ,,, , and will be in bookstores on July 15th 2007.

Starting July 14th, Joshua will be appearing in Lancaster, New York as the Lancaster Opera House hosts The Wizard of Oz Festival. Joshua will be selling books, signing autographs and discussing his thought process while writing the novel. Other festivities include: Brunch with the Munchkins, A movie with the Munchkins, a Judy Garland gown gallery, a behind-the-scenes look at the MGM Classic hosted by John Fricke, costume contests and much, much more.

For more information, please visit: or

Tim King, Management

Joshua Dudley, Author

ISBN: 1430312785 ISBN-13: 9781430312789 Format: Paperback, 155pp

Returning to Oz: Episode 24

Joshua previously appeared on episode 19 of's online radio show "Returning to Oz." The positive feedback from his first appearance has led to yet another invitation to join the show.

In episode 24, Joshua chats with other guests/Oz enthusiasts Aaron Pacentine and Aaron Schultz about the transition of Oz into a new age. Joshua also talks about his upcoming appearances at Oz festivals and a slew of other topics.

You can visit the site and listen to the show by clicking here!

Friday, June 08, 2007


Lancaster Oz Festival

Joshua will be celebrating the release of his book on July 14th and 15th at the Lancaster Wizard of Oz Festival in Lancaster, NY.

The festival features other activities, such as:
-A brunch with the Munchkins - the surviving munchins of MGM Oz movie sit down and chat with festival-goers.
-Move with the Munchkins - view the MGM classic the Wizard of Oz like never before, when you watch the movie with the Munchkins.
-Judy Garland dress gala
-Oz costume contests
and much, much more!

For more information, visit
Lancaster Wizard of Oz Festival

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

School Visit in Hooksett, NH

Today, Joshua returned to one of his old schools and gave presentations in several classrooms. The response was overwhelmingly great!

In each classroom, Joshua introduced his book, himself and the stories of Oz. After the students had an understanding of Lost In Oz, Joshua moved on to more interactive sessions. The students helped Joshua write short stories, while discussing story and character structure, obstacles and how to overcome them, and the overall process of writing a story.

Joshua was quoted saying, "the experience was very rewarding. The kids made me feel great, they loved the book and we had a great time!"