Thursday, June 14, 2007

Espisode 24 of Returning To Oz Review

Mr. Jared Davis of the Royal Blog of Oz had this to say about the latest addition to the online radio series:

Well, episode 24 is up, and here's the review!

Well, if the last couple of episodes didn't impress you, this one should. Will. Unless your heart is made of stone.

Anyways, the show is really in two parts: there is a discussion with Aaron Pacentine, Aaron Schultz, newcomer Sean McGuire (how many Oz fans are out there named Sean?), and the returning Joshua Dudley, author of the book Lost In Oz, which I look forward to reading soon; and then we transition over to a very special interview with a singer named Rolla.

Very early in the first part, Aaron (Pacentine) asks how Sean, Aaron Schultz, and Joshua feel about the transition in the Oz books from the early Baum books to the new ones, like Joshua's Lost in Oz. A very interesting question, but from the answers given, I'm not sure everyone completely understood it. However, Joshua, at least, was able to answer the question very well, and also lets the public know a bit about the story of his book.

Aaron Schultz also talks about the characters that had, at different stages in pre-production, been considered for inclusion in Disney's Return to Oz. Also mentioned is some of the Oz characters in the famous Coronation scene, one of my personal favorite scenes in the film.

Also, there is a discussion about Oz conventions. Some of the "Returning To Oz crew" will be at some of them, others will not. So, those of you who have the time and resources to attend one may want to keep your eyes open!

Now, we interview Rolla, who tells us about her entrance into the world of music, and also her opinions on MGM's The Wizard Of Oz, and also treats us all to a wonderful a cappella rendition of Over The Rainbow.

Overall, a great episode!

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