Saturday, February 21, 2009

Mini Series 1 Minute Clip

Based on the hit novel "Lost in Oz" by Joshua Patrick Dudley. This is a one minute clip from the first of a 10-part online mini-series. Originally announced to be released last year, production was postponed. New release date is scheduled for December 2010.

*****SEEKING NEW SIMS DIRECTOR!!!!!!! Send me an email if you are interested!*****

When four friends find themselves lost in a mysterious place, their only goal is to find a way home. When the only way home is through a young girl and her magical shoes, how much are they willing to sacrifice to catch her? Follow Joshua, Tamara, Tommy and Laura down the yellow brick road in this all new action packed adventure. Be amazed when they meet Dorothy Gale and her gang of misfits for the first time, be in awe as they do battle with the Witch of the West, cross your fingers and hope they make it home alive. A prophecy awaits them in Oz, but will they choose to accept it? The only thing that's for sure is that Oz will never be the same.

Click HERE to go to and watch the trailer!