Monday, April 16, 2007

The Royal Blog of Oz

The Royal Blog of Oz reviewed the 19th epidesode of the returning to Oz radio show, featuring Joshua Patrick Dudley, here's what they had to say:

Last night I discovered that the 19th episode of Aaron Pacentine's "Returning to Oz" has been released onto the Internet. Aaron usually sends an e-mail and posts this at the International Wizard of Oz Club's message board, but none this time.

In this episode, Aaron, Aaron Schultz, Jason Cottle and Travis Black talk about the Oz books, a few movies, a bit of how they'd like to see a new film version of Oz, the Annotated Wizard of Oz by Micheal Patrick Hearn (though they couldn't remember his name), and noting that, based on the press kits, Disney's Return to Oz seems to have been more honestly advertised in the United Kingdom than in the United States. (Here in the U.S., it was advertised as a fun family fantasy film.) Also, Aaron Pacentine interviews Joshua Dudley, author of the book Lost in Oz which is now serving as the basis for a comic book series. (Maybe when I can afford to, I'll pick up a copy.) Aside from talking about the books and comics, Joshua also talks about his Oz collection, including Illusive Art's photocomic Dorothy and McDonald's Madame Alexander dolls, the first time these two topics have been mentioned on this show.

Once again, the episode can be dowloaded at

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