Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Royal Blog of Oz Reviews #27 of Returning to Oz

By Jared Davis

Hey! Turns out there's another episode of Aaron Pacentine's Returning to Oz up. In this almost half-hour episode, Aaron interviews Joshua Patrick Dudley, author of the book Lost in Oz.

In this episode, Aaron gives Joshua a very solid interview, asking him about how he writes his stories, what's coming up, and Joshua as a person.

Joshua reveals some very interesting items about Lost in Oz, but I'd suggest you listen to the episode to hear what they are, or keep an eye on the official Lost in Oz website.

This episode doesn't have much on the many incarnations of Oz as heard in previous episodes, BUT this is not a problem at all. It sticks to a main focus and continues from there, so it's a very strong episode in itself.

Another thing I noted right away is that the sound quality has improved over past episodes. Yes, you may want to turn up your volume a bit, but it's very good nonetheless.

Once again, it's an episode worth the listening!

(And no, I'm not saying nice things just because Aaron is also the current host of The Wonders of Oz. I really enjoyed the episode.)

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