Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Times

Philip Potempa of the Times in Chicago, had this to say about Lost in Oz:

Book it

While at this year's 26th Annual Wizard of Oz Festival, one of the visiting guests I met was a young author from New Hampshire named Joshua Dudley, who is continuing the story traditions started by Frank L. Baum when he originally penned the first of 40 books about the land of Oz way back in 1900.

Dudley, 21, can be proud of his new book, which is also his first book, "Lost in Oz" (May 2007 $10.95).

It's not only selling well, it also has a great story, including the author's own experiences and voice as one of the characters.

It's all about four friends who find themselves lost in a mysterious place and all sharing the same goal: to find a way home. (Sound familiar?) Of course ... their only way home is to catch up with a little girl wearing magic shoes. For more information, visit

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