Sunday, January 10, 2010

Lost in Oz Trilogy will be complete in 2011

2011 will mark the third and final release from Joshua Patrick Dudley in the Lost in Oz trilogy. The stories follow modern teenagers Tamara, Joshua, Tommy and Laura as they make their own history in Oz after destroying the original story of the Wonderful Wizard of Oz, simply by existing in Oz.
The stories have gained quite a following from middle-schoolers across the country, some of whom have even had Joshua teach in their classrooms! Joshua promotes his novels by visiting middle schools and teaching creative workshops with children from grades 3-10. The classes then create their own stories with Joshua’s guidance.
The third installment of the series will answer all the questions. Temple of the Deadly Desert starts right where Book Two: Rise of the Dark Wizard ended. A serious tornado attack has put Joshua in a coma and, SPOILER ALERT! killed one of the other four main characters. Shocking! That’s all the information that has been currently released about the third installment, from the book’s official website

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