Friday, April 09, 2010

Accelerated Reader

Make reading practice more effective for every pre-K–12 student with Accelerated Reader, the most cost-effective and successful reading software
of all time. Lost in Oz and Rise of the Dark Wizard have just been submitted, by your request, to the AR program! However, if you really want Lost in Oz on AR, you should suggest it, too! Visit the link below and fill out all of the information.

Here's the information you may need:
Quiz Type: Reading Practice
Book Title: Lost in Oz
Series Name: Lost in Oz
-Entire Series
Author’s First Name: Joshua
Author’s Last Name: Dudley
Publisher: Lulu
Estimated Interest Level: Middle Grades (4-8)
Year Published: 2007
ISBN Number: 978-1430312789

Though not required, including the ISBN allows us to provide far more
valuable feedback for your request.

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